Christmas is the time to remember those gone home ahead....

It’s been hard to get into the Christmas spirit… so unsure of what lies ahead. Charlie has 2 more treatments left before they go in and operate; this Friday, December 23rd, and January 6. He has been doing pretty well, some days are very hard for him to get out of bed, his medicine for the rash makes him nauseous, he is losing some hair, and the rash is all over the place, but the rash is good – it means the treatment is working… but he has been given this chance… this 4th chance to live and he is…. he is living and praying and singing and working and loving life…. he knows how precious this time is he has been given… funny, our pastor and great friend, who has chronic back problems said during his sermon, that no matter how bad you feel, there is always someone else out there who is worse off than you… so ‘shut up’ he said to himself… quit complaining… and that is Charlie’s attitude… no matter how he feels, there is always someone out there worse off, so he pretty much sucks it up and gets on with his life….he could be much worse off… but the Lord has plans for him… this journey he has to spread the word about early detection is keeping him going; he needs to do this not only for others but for himself so that his life will have meaning….

Christmas time is usually a time full of joy and anticipation of the birth of Christ and the New Year ahead; it is also a time to remember those who have been called home ahead of us… December 23, 1972, Charlie’s father, Howie, was called home… it’s a tough Christmas for Charlie this year; he is facing uncertainty in what lies ahead for him… he has so much on his mind just with surviving, with his treatments and his journey. It’s always so hard for him to remember what happened that day 39 years ago… he never got to say goodbye, and his children never got to know their wonderful grandfather…that is the worst part… he told me the story of how for years he carried around a lot of anger at his father for leaving him so soon. A few years after his father had died, he was walking in downtown Halifax, turned a corner and boom, ran smack into his father! His father patted him on the shoulder and said ‘it’s ok son, everything will be alright’..that was his father telling him to go on, don’t be mad and live your life; he had so much to live for….he met his guardian angel that day….. We all need to stop this year and take the time to remember our loved ones who can’t be here to celebrate with us… and remember life is so very precious and so short… please take the time this season to really appreciate all you have been given, and say ‘I Love You’ every chance you get… you just  never know when it may be the last time…

May you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!




6 Responses to Christmas – A time of joy and of remembrance….

  1. Ann Norrie says:

    Thanks Charlie and Val for taking us, your friends on this journey, and for the updates on Cancer Sucks. For those of us who are not near enough to call or drop in for a quick visit, it makes us feel closer to you both. You both are braving, courageously fighting this battle together. I will be thinking of you both,now, and on the 23rd. Keep us posted. Prayers have and will continue being sent.I have no doubt …. you may be in the battle but you will win the war.! Thanks Charlie for John3:16.Forgot which book it was in .. never forgot the words. One of my fav’s.Wishing you both much love, peace and happiness. Now and always, Ann

  2. danny joseph says:

    You must know I much I love you. You must know how much I love you. You must know how much I love you.

  3. Dave Guy says:

    Angie and I are inspired by this blog and keep Charlie in our thoughts constantly. For me, Charlie has been in my life almost forever and, for Angie, he has become an instant friend that she should have met years ago. And Val, you are an inspiration to all of us. We can hardly wait until the four of us are together again.

  4. Myrna Braby says:

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers during this challenge you are facing. Christmas time is not only a joyful time but also a time of renewed faith, family, friends and remembering loved ones no longer with us. Charlie…keep up the fight, there are many people on your side and praying for your recovery. Thank you for making your blog, your strength and willingness to share this most personal journey help keep friends close and united as we support you in the only way we know how….a few words of encouragement now and then and prayer….there is strength in numbers !! Merry Christmas to you & Val and nothing but health and happiness in 2012.

  5. Val says:

    We are just so blessed to have such a strong backbone of friends and family to help him with all of this… knowing you are all there praying for him and thinking about him is just so soothing…. he knows there is a reason to not give up and stay the path… thank you all so very, very

  6. Ann Norrie says:

    Val, We choose to be here. We’ve known Charlie many years and love the old fart~<3. Charlie, good luck and all the best today .. and before you go under the knife, .. you got one hell of a back bone behind you … and it's not yours! Sending prayers as always, hugs, Ann …

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