For a day that had a bad start, it sure ended with a bang… Usually a day or two after his treatment, he starts feeling very tired and sick…and today was no exception… add the fact that the pills for his rash make him very nauseous, and after our breakfast of rib eye, eggs and potatoes, he was ready to go back to bed for the rest of the day. But he was so looking forward to seeing the kids and grandkids, and didn’t want to disappoint.. so we gathered the presents and headed out, first to my son Joe and Jill’s house for presents and then to his son David’s mother, Karen’s house for supper. What a wonderful time we had. My daughter Melissa, husband Jon, and our granddaughter Kaity were there, His son David, wife Windy and her girls, Michaela, Kelsey and Delaney were there, and my son Joe, wife Jill, and grandkids Jacob and Tristan.. The nausea and exhaustion were soon put to the wayside when we got there and saw all the kids together.

David and Windy gave his dad the surprise of the century – first surprised him with a new hat to wear – it is a beautiful plaid tweed driver’s cap with his logo ‘ CANCERSUCKS.TV’ embroidered on the back and a big blue ribbon on the side… he was just speechless… or I believe he said ‘ohohohoh’…and if that weren’t enough, they took him over to the computer and presented him with a rendering of what his ’50 Dodge will look like once the car is repainted: from the red car with yellow and white flames to a royal blue with a white top, and his logo painted on the back fender, with a large blue colon cancer ribbon on the side door… just like in his dream… unbelievable…they have found a custom auto body shop willing to repaint the car for him… Ken Kratz, the owner of Feld Body Shop in Kissimmee has agreed to do the body work and painting of the car… funny, when one door closes, another one opens.. (pun intended)… I know that David and Windy have taken alot of thought and put so much love into this gift for Charlie… he was so touched and grateful for this gift of love from their heart… this is the start… there is still much to do to get him on his journey..

 from this…..

  to this……

After that was done, Poppy Charlie and Titi Valerie had to somehow surprise grandson Tristan with his Thomas the Train bed…. so Joe and David and Jon snuck it into his room to put it together while he was playing with his Thomas train set. it was hard to break him away from that but we managed, and oh my goodness, was he so surprised.. Just like his Poppy was with the car! As a matter of fact, he would not leave the bed the rest of the time we were there! Too funny… he loves his Thomas… choo choo!

now if only his Titi could have stopped long enough to make the camera stop jiggling with her laughter!

After we broke ourselves away from Thomas land, we went to David’s mom, Karen’s house and she had a wonderful Christmas meal prepared; bless her heart, she had been cooking and baking for days, and it was just awesome; thank you so much! We met Ken and his girlfriend and found him to be a very gracious, and sincere man. What an awesome finish to the day… totally exhausted but exhilarated all the same…I hope for the day we can get the whole family together again… his son Peter and wife Trisha and son Sandy were sorely missing from this gathering.. but were always in our hearts…  we hope you had as blessed Christmas as we had…love to all……


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