Last Thursday, all the Lowe’s employees in his district – 2000 strong – ¬†dressed out in blue to show their support for Charlie and what he is trying to do: make others aware of the importance of early colon cancer screening. When he got out of surgery and was ‘coherent’, I showed him these pictures, and he just started crying…Here are a few pictures we were sent that day; it was so touching and powerful to realize how committed they are to raise awareness..bless you all for your kindness and willingness to do this for a fellow employee….

The day before, his manager was so tickled to send him a picture of the new Colon Cancer Awareness Orchid… the most beautiful blue I have ever seen on a flower… it is breathtaking!

this is just gorgeous!

These are the employees at the Deland Lowe’s.. I am digging the tie dye!

The Winter Garden store looking good!

And this is Charlie’s store at Sand Lake… hmmm. who’s minding the store??!



6 Responses to Lowe’s Cares: raising awareness for colon cancer on operation day – February 2 – take a look!

  1. julie campbell-beckham says:

    Hi Charlie
    Hope all went well & U are on the mend!!!
    Take care & God Bless!

  2. Ann Norrie says:

    Amazing Val, how Lowe’s showed their support for Charlie and taking on the task for early detection of Colon Cancer Awareness. I can certainly understand his tears of joy! Hope all is going well with both of you and Charlie’s recovering period will be a speedy one! Take Care and thanks for the update. Prayers still flying south! hugs, Ann ~

  3. Jim Mac Pherson says:

    WOW! This is just awesome!

  4. danny joseph says:

    call me tonight. love you

  5. Charles Awad says:

    I am writing this with heartfelt gratitude… I was so very touched to see all the pictures of my colleagues banding together all dressed in blue, some with very creative tie dyes and the signs you made; you showed me what caring, compassionate team mates you are…
    I am so grateful for all the notes, letters and emails I am receiving … I just want to thank everyone so very much for the support, it does great things for ones healing…bless you all…

  6. randy creelman says:

    omg…. just read danny’s ed. about you in the t.d. news. fantastic work charlie and great to see your smile. many fond memories returned… f.f. ran

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