After the surgery, I went to sit down many times to do this video, but every time I would start talking for any amount of time, I would get this stupid little tickle cough, and cough, and cough, and cough…the surgery was a success, but the prognosis, well, that’s a different story………….


4 Responses to Took me long enough…. did you miss me? – video

  1. Ann Norrie says:

    YES CHARLIE~ We missed you! So very sorry about the ‘lab’ mix up. Having said that, yet again, you managed to make us more aware of what could happen to others. Others can take this knowledge to their Dr. and perhaps the type of cancer someone was diagnosed with should be capitalized in bold black print, as to not mistaken it’s type and origin. I am so very glad your trip is just a postponed one. You have much to say and much info to give to others. You and Val’s journey have touched us all in one way or another.Can’t wait to see the car finished. When you and Val hit the road in that, you’ll have to have Steppenwolf playing, ‘Born to be Wild’~.Keep up the wonderous you. Setbacks, are just that. Another journey awaits for the Warrior in you to submerge and triumph. Bless you Both! Prayers still flying south!
    ~ from your ol’ home town ~

  2. Julie Campbell-Beckham says:

    God Bless you Charlie!!
    How can I get one of your Cancer Sucks bracelets? I will proudly wear one to honor you and to spread the word.

    Hope is still well & your scans are still not showing anything!

    Love & miss you

  3. Angie Guy says:

    Wow…wow…wow….that’s all I can say. How can someone be so stupid! I can’t believe this happened, how incredibly frustrating for you both.
    I thought only these kind of things happened here, but I guess its human nature of a person who doesn’t realize this is “life and death”. I am so sorry you have to go thru the frustration of waiting again.
    Our love and prayers to you both.

  4. Thomas Buckley says:

    Dear Charlie
    I’m late as usual
    Please put me on the list and send a wrist band

    More prayers coming for you both
    With love

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