So much to tell, where do I start?  Wow, what a whirlwind few days we have just had. I was given the opportunity last week to meet with Ted Williams. No, not the ballplayer, that would have been a one way interview, being as he has passed on and all, but with the incredible and inspiring Man With The Golden Voice. Ted, I found out, is a very compassionate, humble man who is so truly grateful for all he has come to be and have. He knows where he came from, and knows where he is going. He has a wonderful group of people behind him guiding him and keeping him on the straight path. He thanks God for all his blessings every day.

Val and I left in the middle of Tropical storm Debby,  Sunday evening and arrived Monday night, meeting with Ted and his lawyer, Brett at the beautiful Columbus Clippers stadium. Son Peter drove down from Guelph to shoot footage and audio with friends Derrick who is an audio maestro, and Steve, another awesome videographer. Peter is putting together all the footage he and his film crew has shot, they did such a fantastic job, I can’t wait to see and hear what they did. But for now, Val filmed this interview done on Thursday morning before we left by Marion Ohio radio talk show host Scott Spears. There will be much more to follow, but this is a start.


3 Responses to Hello from Columbus! – Radio Interview with WDCM 97.5 Scott Spears – 2 videos

  1. Kelly says:

    Great interview. Thank you for all you do to inform people about colon cancer and the importance of screening. You are a strong man with so much courage. Keep fighting!!!!

  2. Frank MacKay says:

    Just checked out your Toledo radio visit and it was interesting to hear you say that after the third cancer visit, you began to ask yourself if there was something you were supposed to do? Obviously spreading your positive message was the answer, through your web site, videos, and blogs. More power to ya charlie.


  3. Jack Babineau says:

    Great interview Charlie.You answered alot of questions I wanted to ask you but was hesitant to ask.T%he world needs people like you to spread the word about things like this.Good luck on your dream I’m with you all the way.

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