I am inviting all our followers and their friends and families and neighbors and coworkers to an event: The team at MD Anderson is bringing the inflatable Super Colon to the 4th floor outdoors area on March 20th from 8-4… we had the opportunity to ‘tour’ the colon at the Undy 5000 in Tampa, it really is cool…. please come and see and support our cause…. if you know what you are up against if you see, you will see how screening will save your life….I have put a picture of the cancersucks.tv racing team in front of SC below….Wear Blue!!


MARCH IS National Colon Cancer Awareness Month

 Stop by MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando for a visit thru the Super Colon!

Wear BLUE to spread Awareness!

 When: Wednesday March 202013

 Where: 4th Floor Plaza/Labyrinth

1400 S. Orange Avenue

   Orlando FL 32806

                                                            Super Colon is available from 8a – 4p on the plaza for a self-tour

 Please join the GI team of physicians

 12:30 p.m.

 Find out how you can prevent colon cancer and meet Dawn Napoli, Registered Dietician, GI Surgical Oncology

 Colon cancer prevention information and recipe will be available for sampling!

12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

What is the Super Colon?

A 10 foot inflatable replica of a human colon that is large enough for you to take a tour!

Learn what is considered a healthy and unhealthy colon and how to keep yours clean!

  In collaboration with the Colon Cancer Alliance and Bayer Pharmaceuticals


Cancersucks.tv team picture

Cancersucks.tv team picture


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